Potential buyers want to walk through your property and imagine it being their home. This is difficult to envisage if you have personal belongings throughout the house. This is why display homes are furnished and decorated with modern décor that is warm and inviting, but you will not see personal photos, shoes, or clutter of any kind in these homes.

You may opt to have your property professionally staged and this may assist with achieving a premium price and increased activity for your home. However if this is out of your budget, a complete spring clean and de-clutter would be a great start.

We would suggest you pack up as much as you can. Walk from room to room and think of it like you are preparing your next move into your new home once your property has sold. Remove as much as possible so you are really living like you’re on holidays, out of a suitcase and with bare essentials in  your kitchen, so that  your belongings are packed and ready for your new home.

Once the clutter is cleared, have a walk through your home to see what catches your eye that you may not have noticed but that could stand out to a buyer. Are there several scuffs on the paint – should you get a fresh coat of white paint done internally? How about your floor coverings – can they be professionally cleaned, or is it within your budget to have some new carpet or vinyl flooring laid? This really can make the property feel like it is new and fresh, and will be very appealing to buyers.


Before the Advertising Goes Live

As soon as the advertising goes live on various websites, potential buyers may be driving past your property to see its street presentation, while also checking out the neighbours and local facilities. Therefore it is important to have the property well presented. We would suggest you have some fresh mulch and new plants in your garden beds, and ensure the lawn is mown and leaf litter is cleared from your driveway and paths.

We can recommend a company to provide an external wash of your house, gutters and windows as this also helps the exterior look fresh and appealing.

On the Day of Inspection

Have a through tidy and clean of the property, including inside cupboards as some buyers will be checking these for storage.

Ensure the property is light (open blinds and curtains) and feels comfortable (air conditioned or fans on). You may want to air out the home and have a nice scented candle on in the kitchen and bathroom.

A quick run around the exterior of the house with the hose in the morning to water your lawns and paths will ensure they also are clean and fresh.

Lastly, go out and enjoy some time for yourself and relax knowing the sale of your property is being handled by an agent you can trust.