How to Remember to Pay Your Rent

As we move into the silly season, it can be hard to remember a lot of things while we are getting ready for holidays, visiting family, maybe traveling interstate or overseas, as well as helping Santa get all the gifts ready!

In this period, some tenants forget to pay their rent. Unfortunately this is really not ok, as owners still have to pay their mortgage over Christmas. And once a tenant gets behind, it can be very hard to catch up again.

To avoid this hardship for yourself and the owner of your property, we recommend you set up a recurring transfer of your rent to our trust account. Most online banking systems offer this facility, and you can nominate the amount, the dates of the transfer, and for how long. For example you may get paid weekly on a Monday, so you could set it up for the rental amount to transfer weekly on a Tuesday to our trust account, and ensure you put your provided reference number in the description so we can allocate it to you.

If you would like any assistance setting this up please contact our team.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact us to discuss it.

We wish you a stress-less, Merry Christmas!